Sunday, March 16, 2014

Broadcast 24 - [ Dec 1, 2014 ]

The Starlit Hour Showtime: Sunday 6 PM - 8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine ( or stream online from )
And Tonight's Selection of Music IS...
“Ten cents a dance,
That's what they pay me,
Gosh, how they weigh me down!
Ten cents a dance
Pansies and rough guys,
Tough guys who tear my gown!” - Ruth Etting - 10 Cents a Dance (1930)
Lester Young -Shoe Shine Boy (1936)
Fletcher Henderson - I Want To See A Little More (1926)
Coleman Hawkins -  Body and Soul (1939)
Count Basie - Broadway
Les Brown - Sophisticated Swing
Tommy Dorsey - Nola
Nat King Cole - (I Love You) for Sentimental Reasons
Artie Shaw - Out of Nowhere Vivienne Baber 

Parov Stelar Trio - Doctor Foo (Smooth Version)
Background - The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" 1937 song
"I’m Tellin' the Birds, Tellin' Bees (that I love you) 1927
The Mills Brothers - You Always Hurt The One You Love - 
Margaret Whiting with Billy Butterfield And His Orchestra - There Goes that Song Again 1935
Perry Como - "Till The End of Time" (1945)
The Andrews Sisters - Shoo Shoo Baby
Jerry Colonna - Bell Bottom Trousers (1945)
Johnny Mercer, Jo Stafford, Paul Weston & The Pied Pipers - Candy (1945)
Paul Weston and his Orchestra (with a little help from Jo Stafford) - I Should Care (1940)
“When Elsa’s parties are no fun…
When FDR refuse to run…
When Harlem folks forget the blues…
Will you still be mine?” - Connie Haines & Tommy Dorsey Orch– Will You Still Be Mine?
Harry James & Kitty Kallen -- I'll Buy That Dream
Bing Crosby – I Can’t Begin to Tell You
Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald - I'll Chase The Blues Away 1935
Dick Haymes - It Might As Well Be Spring (1945)

Betty Hutton - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief  ( A pretty catchy song, ruined only by how culturally ignorant and insensitive the lyrics are).

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

23rd Broadcast [Nov. 24th 2013]

Showtime: Sunday 6 - 8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine ( or tune in at )

"Fall is here and always fade-fade fading away"
Actually it feels more like Winter these days, so about some good ol fashion tunes to warm your heart!

Tonight's Selections:

Sam Lanin & his Orch. - A Shady Tree (1927)

Anson Weeks Orchestra - Ro-Ro-Rolling Along (1930)

Troubadours - Someday Sweetheart (1927)
(It's a nice tune but upon closer inspection...)

"Oh, you're happy now,
And you can't see how
those weary blues will ever come to you.
But as you sow
so shall you reap, dear.
And what you reap
will make you weep
someday, sweetheart."

(Charming. Looks likes someone's still feeling pretty bitter about their past relationship)

Johnny Marvin - Crying for the Carolines (1930)

Squirrel Nut Zippers - Ghost of Stephen Foster (Thanks Heather for the recommendation!)

Benny Goodman - Bugle Call Rag

Bob Crosby - Gin Mill Blues

Tommy Dorsey - Marie

Chick Webb - Clap Hands! Here comes Charley!

Benny Goodman - Down South Camp Meetin

Jimmie Noone & his Apex Club Orch. - Blues ( My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me) 1928

Al Bowly & Ray Noble Orch. - The Prisoner's Song (1930)

Gene Goldkette - Proud of a Baby like You (1927)

Broadway Broadcaster - Do Something (1929)

Carl Fenton's Orch - Following the Sun Around (1927)

Imperial Dance Orch. - Dream House (1928)

Sam Lanin & his Orch. - Take in the Sun, Hang out the Moon (1926)

Broadway Broadcaster - Black Bottom (1926)

Ben Pollack & his Park Central Orch. - True Blue Lou (1929)

Helen Kane - I Want to be Bad (1929)

Gene Austen - Girl of my Dreams (1928)

Eva Knox -  Forgive Me (1927)

William Robin - Let the End of the World Come  (1926)

Belle Baker - Just Can't Be Bothered with Me (1930)

Lewis Jane & Franklin Bauer - At Peace with the World (1926)

Jack Smith - Rosy Cheeks (1927)

Original Memphis Five, No One knows What it's All About (1924) 

22nd Broadcast [Nov 17, 2013)

Showtimes: Sunday 6 - 8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9FM Irvine (or tune in at

Playlist of Artists & Songs: 

Rushford Bell Orch. - Glimmer of Dawn

Charlie Spand - Good Gal

Bob Call - Thirty One Blues

Arthur Fields - Oh, Susanna!

The Dixie Stompers - Hard to get Gertie (1926)

Count Basie - One o' clock Jump

Benny Goodman - It's Been so Long

Raymond Scott - Toy Trumpet

Jimmie Lunceford - Organ Grinder's Swing

Andy Kirk - Moten Swing

Pee Wee King - Bull Fiddle Boogie (1949)

Jimmy McCracklin - When I'm Gone

Kenny Clark & Bud Powell - Blues in the Closet

Charlie Parker - Bebop
(^Came upon this while perusing through music. My thought process at the moment: Whoah-oh, how the hell did I never manage to find this before?)

What is this...bebop? Is this referring to the classic Cowboy Bebop that we know and love?

Bebop: a style of jazz that is characterized by fast tempo, instrumental virtuosity and improvisation. Developed in the late 1940's, it came about the same time as "scatting" (a kind of improvisational singing that relies more on sounds rather than words) 

Charlie Christian - Swing to Bop (1941)

(Nice eh?  It seems I've been neglecting this for far too long. Time to make up for lost time!)

Miles Davis - Godchild

Miles Davis & Charlie Parker - A Night in Tunisia

Bill Evans Lee Konitz - My Melancholy Baby

Martha Tilton - These Foolish Things (remind me of you)

Jimmy Wilson - Blues at Sundown

Mary Lou Williams - Blue Skies (Irving Berlin)

Marion Morgan - Lonely Little Robin

Mess Mezzrow - Blues in Disguise (1934)

Memphis Minnie - If you See my Rooster (1936)

Annette Hanshaw & Eddie Lang - Lover Come Back to me

Mary Lou Williams - Caravan

Mezz mezzrow and his Swing Band - That Panic is Back on (1936)

Al Jolson- That Haunting Melody

Earl Hines - Rosetta

21st Broadcast [November 10, 2013]

Showtimes: Sunday 6 - 8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine

One Hour Show Today! UCI Basketball is playing later at 8, so I've only prepared a list of songs to last an hour. It'll literally be "The Starlit Hour" tonight. Hooray?! (For once, my show title is actually true to its meaning)

Playlist of Artists & Songs:

Tommy Dorsey - March of the Toys

Artie Shaw - Day In, Day Out

Duke Ellington - The Gal from Joe's

Bob Crosby - My Inspiration

Glenn Miller - Farewell Blues

Tommy Dorsey - Washboard Blues

Marrion Harris - Never Let No One Man Worry Your Mind

Earl Burnett & his Los Angeles Biltmore Orchestra - Courtin Time (1930)
Ruth Etting - Button Up Your Overcoat
Take good care of yourself you belong to me

Isahm Jones & his Orchestra - Do You Ever Think of Me (1921)

Vincent Lopez Orchestra - Palesteena

Mamie Smith - Goin' Crazy w/ the Blues

Art Hickman Hotel St. Francis Orch. - Whispering 

Night Ya'll
Enjoy the rest of this starlit hours ahead

Sunday, November 10, 2013

20th Broadcast [Nov. 3, 2013]

Showtimes: Sunday 6-8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine ( or listen in at )

"Hello and nice to have you with us"
What a jolly tune that we've forgotten. This night's show feature some hits from famous ragtime musicians.

Set list of Artists & Songs: 

Annette Hanshaw - We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye (1932)

Art Mooney - I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf Clover (1948)

Larry Clinton w/ his Orch. & Bea Wain - Deep Purple ( 1939)

Charlie Spand - Back to the Woods

Pee Wee Hunt - Twelth Street Rag

Joseph Lamb - American Beauty Rag

George Botsford - Black and White

Belle Baker - I'll Always be in Love with You

Margaret Young - Hard Hearted Hannah (1924)

Bennie Krueger's Orchestra - I'm Cuckoo over You (1921)

Leroy Carr - Sloppy Drunk Blues

Blind Blake - Poker Woman Blues

Walter Roland - Jookit Jookit

Lonnie Johnson - Sam, You're just a Rat

Gene Krupa - Lover

Tommy Dorsey - Then I'll be Happy

Woody Herman - Blowin' Up a Storm

Duke Ellington - Happy Go Lucky: Part I

Duke Ellington - Happy Go Lucky: Part II

Pee Wee Crayton - Blues After Hours

Seven Foot Dilly and his Dill Pickles - Kenesaw Mountain rag (1930)

Johnny Fuller - First Stage of the Blues

Sidney Maiden - Eclipse of the Sun

Chick Webb - Liza (1938)

Halway House Orchestra - Pussy Cat Orchestra (1920s)

Dan Pickett - Ride to a Funeral in a V - 8

Fats Waller - The Reefer Song (1943)

Cab Calloway - Reefer Man (1932)

Ella Fitzgerald & the Chick Webb Orchestra - Wacky Dust (1938)

Monday, October 28, 2013

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - 19th Broadcast [Oct. 27, 2013]

Showtime: Sunday 6-8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine (or listen in at

Happy Halloween Everyone!
In spirit of the Ghastly Spirits that are surely looming over us as we speak, I've prepared a list of spooky songs from beyond the grave. Halloween is a very old tradition after all, so let's take a look at how the festivities were celebrated back in the day. Below, you can see some of Ossain Brown's photography collection displaying Halloween costumes from 1875 - 1955.

"Oh...hello there..."

Well, what do you know, Halloween costumes were actually scary at some point (guess the whole "sexy look" is kind of a 2000 thing.) And not just scary, but downright perturbing. It's them eyes, I tells ya - They stare down straight into your soul!

For tonight's show, I also played the original 1938 broadcast of Orson Well's adaptation of War of the Worlds. It's the radio broadcast that terrified a nation!

Well it didn't really scare the whole country, but it did cause a panic. While radio personality Wells performed the story of this science fiction novel on air, many listeners who had tuned in believed him to be describing an actual alien invasion on Earth. Oh ho, to live without internet is to live in the dark! [currently sitting in the dark watching cat videos]

I couldn't play the whole thing unfortunately, but we did get to the best parts! Anywho, I hope this provides some form of frightastfully frightastic entertainment to get you geared up for Halloween. Enjoy the music and tune in next week!

Tonight's list of Artists and Songs Featured on Air:

Emmet Miller - The Ghost of the St. Louis Blues (1929)

Jelly Roll Morton - Boogaboo

Marrion Harris - I'm a Jazz Vampire (1920)

Helen Gross w/ the Kansas City 5 - Undertaker Blues

Helen Gross - Bloody Razor Blues

Hauted Air 9

Don Vorhees Charles Kaley - Dancing the Devil Away (1927)

The 5 Jones Boys - Mr. Ghost Comes to Town

Jack Hylton - Bogey Wall

Louis Armstrong w/ Jimmy Dorsey Orch. - The Skeleton in the Closet (1936)

Duke Ellington & his Cotton Club Orch. - Haunted Nights (1929)

Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Mournin' Blues

New Mayfair Orchestra - The Haunted House (1931)

Cab Calloway - The Nightmare (1931)
"There's no use denying...
     I'm dreaming that I'm dying...
I'm going in my tomb!"

Roy Fox British Band - The House is Haunted by the Echo of Your Last Goodbye

The New Orleans Owls - White Ghost Shivers

Jelly Roll Morton - Creepy Feeling

Military Band - Spooky Spook

Bud Freeman & the Summa Cum Laude Orch. 1939 - Satanic Blues

Good Night Everyone...

Hauted Air 5a

"We'll be seeing you..."

Sunday, October 27, 2013

18th Broadcast [Oct. 20, 2013]

Showtime: Sunday 6-8 PM
Station: KUCI 88.9 FM Irvine (or tune in at

Playlist for Tonight's Show:

Esther Walker & Ed Walle - I'm Lonely without You (1926)

Lewis James & Franklin Baur - Sleepyhead (1926)

Aileen Stanley & Johnny Marvin - Under the Moon (1927)

Aileen Stanley & Bill Murray - I Can't Get Over a Girl Like You (1926)

Bosswell Sisters - Wha'd Ja Do To Me (1931)

Bud Freeman -The Eel 1939

Tommy Tucker & his Orchestra - Remember Me (1937)
"Do you recall 
the cottage mall upon the hill? ...Remember Me" (Eh, EH?)

Hal Kemp - Whispers in the Dark (This one has a pretty pleasing  flute accompaniment)

Louisiana Rhythm Kings - When You're Smiling (1928)

Ozzie Nelson & his Orchestra - Poor Robinson Crusoe (1937)

More Tenor Sax!

Elsie Carlisle - You've got Me Crying Again (1933)

Isham Jones & his Orch. - Tell me, Dreamy Eyes (1924)

Boswell Sisters - That's How Rhythm was Born

Charles Barnett & his Orch. - Caravan

Swinging London Ray Noble Brighter than the Sun 

Carolina Club Orchestra - I Found a Million Dollar Baby

Jimmie Lunceford - For Dancers, Only

Tommy Dorsey - Music, Maestro, Please!

Raymond Scott - Powerhouse

Duke Ellington - I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart

Benny Goodman - Changes

Bessie Smith - Downhearted Blues

Willie B. Huff - Beggar Man Blues

Lil Son Jackson - Charlie Cherry 

Arden & Ohman - I've Got Rhythm (1930)

Adrien Schubert & his Orch. - Moonlight Savings Time (1931)

Jack Albin & his Orch. - I've Got 5 Dollars (1938)

Vincent Lopez & his Casa Lopez Orch. - There Must be a Silver Lining (1928)

Tiny Parnham & his Musicians - Sud Buster's Dream 

REQUEST: Butterbeans & Susie - Jelly Roll Queen 

Orrin Tucker - Can't you See I'm Dreaming

Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust